Wireless Video & Data Transmission for a Changing World

About Us
MOTIONRAY is a ground-breaking wireless video and data transmission system designed to provide 100% robust signal with near-zero latency, even in the busiest environments, such as sports arenas.

With the ability to put cameras anywhere, including wearable, POV angles, MotionRay can provide never-before-seen experiential viewpoints in real-time for sports, entertainment, and enterprise solutions.
Next-Gen Wireless Tech in Video Production
Professional Production
Unlimited creativity for Live Sports & Event Production
  • New LIVE Angles
    Create never-before-seen stories with POV, wearable cameras with near-zero latency, bringing the viewer into the action and onto the field (cameras mounted on coaches, athletic trainers, referees either by chest-medallion style cameras or on a hat/helmet, etc).
  • Add Versatility
    Track every single moment of the event in real-time by adding static wireless cameras in areas which previously have been inaccessible (cameras mounted on flag poles, goal posts, anywhere on the field).
  • Mount Anywhere
    Spice up your broadcast by adding dynamic, moving cameras mounted to literally anything (drones, carts, athletic equipment).
How It Works
Our Advantages
Robust in busy environments, including sports arenas filled to capacity
Low latency (<100 ms) is compatible with any professional broadcast
Compatible with your existing field equipment - cameras, mics etc
Low Latency
Full HD Quality
1080p 60fps HD quality picture without multiple re-encondings related degradation
Small Footprint
Transponders are no larger than a bulky wallet
Venue Owners
  • Boost Engagement
    Let your remote audience engage in real-time with your event due to near-zero latency
  • Versatility
    The system can be designed for any space, and for any type of live-streaming sports match, concert, or live gathering such as a hybrid event with both remote and in-person attendees
  • End-to-end Solution
    MotionRay will work with you to provide a first and last mile solution for your venue, with a permanent installation, or an installation of the solution for a one-off production
How It Works
Our Advantages
Installation and maintenance is easy
Plug-n-play setup allows for instant creativity, without the need for additional gear and equipment
Create automated multi-camera productions for a fraction of the cost of a professional shoot
Ease of Use
Freedom of Creativity
Multi-Angle Content
Use Your Own Gear
Seamless integration with systems you already own, video and sound are fully synced automatically
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